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Team06_PR10 - b Included Parking Data Compilation...

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ENGR 0715: Engineering Applications for Society University of Pittsburgh TEAM TEAM 6 Progress Report #10 Team Meeting Date: March 31, 2009 Meeting Roles Team Members: Bruk Berhanu ([email protected]) Secondary Facilitator Yan Lu ([email protected]) Primary Facilitator Robert Younger ([email protected]) Timekeeper Jiaqi Gu ([email protected]) Scribe Community Partner: Oakland Transportation Management Association (OTMA) Project Description: Team 6 will update and improve upon OTMA’s current online parking map to account for changes in rates, times, and congestion rates. In addition, Team 6 will provide data which will enable the online parking map to obtain an interactive element. In doing so, OTMA intends to facilitate the parking process for commuters in the Oakland area, by not only providing information on designated lots, but suggesting adjacent lots should the designated lot be filled. MEETING SUMMARY Accomplishments : 1. Updated website a. Added “Collected Data” section
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Unformatted text preview: b. Included Parking Data Compilation, Explanation of Changes to Parking Data, and Routing System c. For each lot, a different webpage was created i. Each lot webpage contains pictures, rates ii. Also contains data from routing system 2. Finished some sections of conference paper a. Abstract b. Gantt Chart Task Items: 1. Finish Conference paper a. Summary Discussion (Jiaqi) b. Technical Review (Yan) c. Service Learning (Rob) d. Sustainability (Bruk) ENGR 0715: Engineering Applications for Society University of Pittsburgh 2. Continue to update website (Rob) 3. Continue the attempt at contacting webmaster Jeff Miskis (Bruk) 4. Complete PowerPoint Presentation and Prepare for it (All) Issues/Concerns: 1. Still unable to contact the webmaster Jeff Miskis 2. Insufficient amount of data required to finish conference paper – do not really have a “sustainability” aspect of our project...
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