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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------------------------Contents: Instructions to submit homework for CS0445 Author: John Aronis Date: January 2009 --------------------------------------------------------------------------Submitting your work requires two steps: 1) Bundle your files with tar or zip. 2) Upload your files to the submission directory. Assignments generally consist of several files. + + + + + Make sure that: You submit the files, classes, methods, etc. required by the assignment. Give each file a header with your name, your email, and the date. Files have descriptive extensions like ".txt", ".tar", ".zip", or ".java". You include plain-text "README.txt" file with basic information. Programs compile and run with Java 2 SDK 1.5. The README.txt file should include: + + + + + Your name, your email, course name, assignment, and the date. Introductory comments about your program. A list of files that should be present. Instructions to compile and run your program. A description of known problems. Bundle your files into a single file with tar or zip. Give the bundle a name that includes your user id and assignment, avoids spaces and punctuation (other than hyphens and underscores), and is short. For instance, aronis-hw1.zip. Upload the bundle to the appropriate homework directory: /afs/cs.pitt.edu/public/incoming/aronis/cs0445/homework-X where "X" is the number of the homework assignment. It is important that you submit your work according to these instructions. If you submit your work some other way (email, disk, etc.) you must make sure it is also bundled and inserted into the proper directory according to these instructions. If there is a problem with your grade at the end of the term, but your work is not properly submitted, then I cannot fix the problem. BE SURE TO KEEP YOUR OWN BACKUP COPY IN CASE OF PROBLEMS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
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