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Tim Hoskins 9-12-06 Poetry Response 2 I chose “To an Athlete Dying Young” because the author. A.E. Housman is one of the greatest English poets of all time, and has always fascinated me because of his use of rhyme. This tragic poem sends across the point, that it is better to die at the height of glory, than to die afterwards, when most have forgotten. Housman seems to be telling a story of a star athlete who died at a young age. The death is very important because the athlete is from a small town with a very close community. “Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home. ..” Dying young and on the top is a better way to go out than old and rundown. Being forgotten is not easy, so dying young avoids the pain. Because dying young as an athlete is good, the end of the poem argues that death is victory for the young athlete. The athlete died pure, without being
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Unformatted text preview: conquered. The athlete died a champion. I have several friends that are currently sports players at their schools. They are some of the best at their age but not all of them will get to continue to play at the next level. For most of them their last year is becoming hard because they are beginning to realize that the end of their careers is very close. A final thought that sticks out to me in this poem is that maybe A.E. Housman is the opposite of the dead athlete. Housman could be the living example of a forgotten athlete. Whoever is telling the story knows exactly how the athlete felt. The person can see the entire life of the runner, because it was once theirs. The person can also see the alternate path of the runner, which would be what happened in their life after their playing days....
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