Assignment 3 - 5. Problems P4.3-5, P4.3-7, P4.3-8...

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ECE/CoE 0031 Spring Term (2094) Homework #3 Due by the end of the day Saturday, February 7 th 1. Problems P3.6-31 through P3.6-34 on page 98 of the text. 2. Problems P3.8-1 through P3.8-6 on page 99 of the text. 3. Problem DP 3-3 on page 101 of the text. 4. Problems P4.2-4, P4.2-6 & P4.2-7 on page 142 of the text.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Problems P4.3-5, P4.3-7, P4.3-8 & P4.3-9 on page 143 of the text. 6. Problems P4.3-11, P4.3-12 & P4.4-1 on page 144 of the text. 7. Problems P4.4-6, P4.4-7, P4.4-8, P4.4-10, P4.4-11 & P4.4-12 on pages 145 & 146 of the text....
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