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ECE/CoE 0031 Spring Term (2094) Homework #9 Due by the end of the day Tuesday, April 7 th 1. Determine the complete response for the inductor current. 10 u ( t ) - 4 V k 5 H i L ( t ) 2. Problem 7.5-6 on page 297 of the text. 3. A small battery is used to charge a capacitor for a camera’s electronic flash. When the flash is activated, the capacitor is switched across the flashbulb. Assume that the 6-V battery should not be operated with a current above 100 μA. The capacitor is to be selected. (a) Sketch a circuit model that will represent the charging and discharging action. (b) It is desired to charge the capacitor within 5 s and discharge it within one half of a second.
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Unformatted text preview: Select the appropriate values for the elements in the circuit. Assume the value of the bulb resistance is 10 k Ω . Assume the capacitor is charged or discharged in five time constants. 4. Problem 8.6-4 on page 355 of the text. 5. Problem 8.7-2 on page 358 of the text. 6. Problem 8.7-4 on page 358 of the text. 7. Problem 8.7-7 on page 359 of the text. 8. Problem 8.7-8 on page 359 of the text. 9. Problem 8.9-2 on page 361 of the text. 10. DP 8.9-5 on page 363 of the text. 11. Problem 9.2-1 on page 400 of the text. 12. Problem 9.2-1 on page 400 of the text....
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