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LAB REPORT FOR MP5 - V(4 Using Point slit d=0.08 mm Use L =...

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LAB REPORT FOR MP5 EXPERIMENT: Physics Optics VI(1) (a) Single Slit W=0.04mm and L = 200cm X -4 X -3 X -2 X -1 X 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 11.4cm 8.4cm 5.2cm 2.5cm 3.1cm 6.2cm 9.1cm 12.3cm (b) Double Slit W=0.08mm, slit distance a=0.25mm and L=200cm X -5 X -3 X -1 X 1 X 3 X 5 2cm 1.3cm 0.2cm 0.2cm 1.4cm 2.2cm There are 10 bright fringes seen inside the central maxima.
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Unformatted text preview: V(4) Using Point slit d=0.08 mm. Use L = 50cm. diameter D of the first minimum: 0.65cm here R=0.352cm V(5) Using Fraction Slit Set L=50cm X1 X2 21cm 68.5cm...
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