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Name : Rohit S Deshmukh Person # 35628926 Telecommunication Infrastructure has been the need of the era. Infrastructure is basically described as the fundamental facilities and systems serving an area, as transportation , construction work, telecommunication systems and power plants. Telecommunication is noted to be of prime importance in them. Telecommunication, the word ‘tele’ means distance in Latin so the meaning of the word is Distant communication. Telecommunication maily includes Telegraph, Telephone, Mobile Service, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Microwave Networks and Satellites. Of these we are much familiar with Telephone, Telegraph, Radio and Television Broadcasting. We are not much familiar with Microwave Networks and Satellites. Satellites, need of the day, all the recent affairs relating to the weather broadcast or drastic changes in territories are being watched by the satellites. Radio Signals and television broadcasting is also done by the satellites. Asteroids, Planets Moons are being watched by the people of NASA ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration.) with the help of satellites which are sent high up the space. Satellites is an object which has been placed into orbit by the humans. Edward Everett Hale was the person who first gave the fictional depiction of the satellite in his story The Brick Moon in 1869. On October 4 th 1957 Soviet union Launched the first satellite ‘Sputnik 1’ which was designed by Kerim Kerimov.( A. W. Grossman, D. O. Muhleman, G. L. Berge, Science, New Series , 1957)
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During the French revolution Claude Chappe developed a systematic network of optical telegraph . His systems evolved into a signaling network for railroads which used it to monitor and schedule the movement of trains. By mid nineteenth century Samuel Morse’s electric telegraph was in wide use , often running its wires along the same railroad lines it helped to control.(Forrest Warthman, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science , 1974) Telecommunication has increased the pace with which we work and also has increased the convenience. Telecommunications has helped railroads run better , railroads were instrumental in bringing communications , rural populations and industrial raw material to cities. Alexander Graham Bell was the person who invented the telephone in 1876, within a decade the basic organization of the bell Telephone system was established. It is also known that telephone was invented by Elisha Gray but she was overlooked and Graham Bell was unfairly lionized for the telephone invention.The original idea was of Elisha Gray but it did not come into picture. (William Aitken, Who invented the Telephone?, 1933) Unlike telegraph , the telephone allowed an untrained public to use their natural voice and language without conversion into machine. 1933. Telephone and automobile came to be used in an interrelated fashion . It may be reasonable to reflect that the convenient and independent access to distant people afforded by telephones has
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Research Paper - Name : Rohit S Deshmukh Person # 35628926...

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