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This assignment is due on Monday, February 28, 2011. Print out this page with your name, seat number and answer. Bring the printed out copy to Business Forum and place it in front before class begins. 1. What are the three segments of the Wyndam Worldwide Company? The three segments of Wyndham Worldwide Company are hotels, vacation ownership, and vacation exchange and rentals. The question below is based on the following WSJ article: India Solar Rules Burn U.S. by: Amol Sharma Feb 08, 2011 2. What factor is making it difficult for U.S. solar panel makers to enter India?
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Unformatted text preview: India has a strict import policy on solar panels that makes it costly to enter the market. The Indian government plans on subsidizing some power plant firms, such as Moser Baer India Ltd and Tata Power Co., and will ban those firms from importing foreign solar panel technology. Foreign solar panel companies can only enter India’s solar panel market if they form a joint venture with India, which will force companies to create local manufacturing plants in India and few U.S. companies seem willing to do this....
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