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1stLecture - -Roman Empire 1 st C BCE 1453Dioclection 3 rd...

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1 st Lecture - Most muslims are in Indonesia, Asian Pacific makes up 62% of Islam pop - Near East- Fertile Crescent, Babylonia, Egypt, Assyria, Mitanni, Hittite Empire - Near Easy term first used by Brits to distinguish from China, Japan, etc - Alfred T Mahon used the term Middle East to explain area between Suez Canal and Singapore - Office of Strategic Services makes Middle East a geographical area - Scholars do not approve of Middle East term because it is Eurocentric and inprecise. - Byzantine vs Sassania - Byz had alliance with Ghassanids, Sas with lakhmids to protect borders
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Unformatted text preview: -Roman Empire 1 st C. BCE- 1453Dioclection 3 rd Century divides Roman Empire into 2 -Council of Chalcedon- 451 o Established diophysite view of Jesus (human and divine) and declared monophysite view as heresy-Factors that weakened Byzantine Empire in 6 th /7 th century-tension b/w urban and rural culture-decline of the cities-Bubonic plague-earthquakes -weakened military-Persian invasions- Sassanian Empire 224-651 Power was dynastic, divine right to rule Concepts of political authority Mazdak revolts Tax policy...
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