Constitution of Medina

Constitution of Medina - teachery Muhammad mentioned by...

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Constitution of Medina Original doc lost Ibn Ishaqs sira and sayyat al Nas and then Buayds Kitab al-Aminu Agreement b/w Mubajiun and people of Medina Believers collectively referred to as umma Membership in umma transcends any preceding agreements with pagans If any Muslim is killed, members of umma to seek revenge If one muslim kills another, old Arabian rules of retaliation in force. Jews retain their religion, share in rights and responsibilities of citizenship, exerpt in cases of
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Unformatted text preview: teachery Muhammad mentioned by name twice, in reference to his roles as sole arbiter of disputes Established roles of Muslim as a herum Treaty of Hudaybiyya (628) Ten years of peace Muslim couldn’t perform Hajj that year Following year Meccans would evacuate the city for 3 days Hajj was allowed 629...
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