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Wansbrough - -affirm muhammad’s status-establish...

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Wansbrough’s Main Points -Salvation History -Referential Character -Asbab- al nuzul- occasions for revelation Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Jarir al Tabari Problems with Q as islamic source - Earliest sources compiled after 200 years of events taking place - Contradictions - Vague Chronology - Storytelling - Approval goal of establish numerological symbolism - Some reported events seem to have created to -explain Q -make the prophet to conform to contemporary expectations
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Unformatted text preview: -affirm muhammad’s status-establish precedents-fill in gaps Facts in Favor of Q Earliest copies of Quran are virtually same as copies today Q vocab consistent with 7 th cent Western Arabia Q text contains no reference to later events Non muslim sources confirm Muhammads and the early movements existence Script of earliest leafs suggest they were written within 3 decades of m...
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