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espartas - he believes is right and by being in the war is...

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Elizabeth Spartas How does platoon function allegorically? Explain how the author of the essay identifies Chris, Barnes, and Elias specifically. The film Platoon functions as a form of Christian allegory. The setting of Vietnam serves well as a type of Eden and the three main characters have links to biblical characters. Chris, for instance, serves to represent Christ. He comes to Vietnam in order to sacrifice himself for the good of the country. There is, of course the obvious link between his name (it’s one letter off from Christ). Also he stands to represent good, although he is a ‘new guy’ he holds true to his morals and ethics. He stands up for what
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Unformatted text preview: he believes is right and by being in the war is, in a sense, crucified.Elias also serves as a Christ figure in a way. His name comes from the biblical Elijah. In the end he is “crucified” in a sense when he is killed by Barnes. The reason that he is killed is also important. Barnes dislike the way that Elias works and the strong morals that Elias holds to be important over all. In addition, Barnes dislikes the way that Elias has become a leader to a group of the men, much like Jesus was. Barnes serves to represent those corrupted by eden. He is brave, nothing seems to bother him (guns, war, snakes, death…). He is the relentless leader of the men....
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