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Spartas 1 We tell stories so as to share experience and to invoke emotions. As a particularly powerful story the receiver should be able to take the experience unto himself. As it is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name, one might expect the film Born on the Fourth of July to be particularly powerful (Davis). However, although the film contains a number of scenes that have the potential to be POWERFUL the ‘Hollywood quality’ of the film serves to dilute these moments. Although Tom Cruise as a leading man might seem beneficial to the portrayal of the film he takes away from the experience. Despite Stone’s intention to “’yank the kid off the [Wheaties] box and mess with his image—take him to the dark side’” through the use of Cruise the choice of this actor takes away from the authenticity of the film. It is true, Cruise seemed a fitting leading man, considering he was part of a generation who grew up during the Vietnam War, as well as having a birthday that was one day off from that of the title (Davis 9). However, by having such an icon portray Kovic the audience is able to associate the Cruise with the many other roles he has played. Adding to the loss of authenticity of the character is the extreme shift the character of Kovic experiences throughout the film. At the start of the film Kovic is convinced that Communism is taking over the world and that by participating in the Marines he will successfully help defeat the evil force that threatens everything that America stands for. By the end of the film his attitude has made a hundred and eighty degree turn; he is a devout protester of the War. It is
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espartas_4thjulypaper - Spartas 1 We tell stories so as to...

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