Values and viet #3

Values and viet #3 - Why is it that the people of a country...

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Why is it that the people of a country are unified? The United States and Mexico are on the same continent, yet the inhabitants of these countries have different views on what is acceptable in the world. These views vary from something as simple as what you do and do not eat to something as large as how the government and all of its different sects work. The key to how it is that a country is unified is that of the values that their society holds and what values they consider most important. No matter how the country works, it is the values that have the greatest effect on how the country is run. The people of the country end up becoming unified due to the values they share. It is when these values are broken or ignored that a problem is created. The Vietnam War is perhaps the war regarded with the most disgust by Americans. It is a black mark on America’s history. The United States lost the Vietnam War. Americans do not like to lose at anything, they are proud to be the best of the best- as a world superpower they have to be. The Vietnam War did not reflect this outlook. Rather, thousands of young men were sent to a country half way around the world to fight for a cause that really would have no affect on them. Most likely the majority of those boys could not even point out Vietnam on a map if asked to. They suited up to defend their country and all it stood for, but they let America down. It was a valiant effort, unfortunately in the end it was all for naught. However, one might question if it was the opposite- maybe America let those fighting down. The Vietnam War has been portrayed in a number of different films, each presenting a judgment on the war. These films attempt to project the experience of the war unto the viewers. In turn, the judgment the viewer creates as a result of the experience they have just gone through is used to add to their memory of the event. Although each film is different there are similarities between them. One of the most important similarities is that of the American values which embody the films. These values are what make up the bulk of the arguments and persuasions within the films. The American values are extremely important when it comes to persuasion. In 1962 an article called “The American Value System: Premises for Persuasion” by Edward D Steele and W.
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Charles Redding was published. This article detailed the idea “of shared cultural values” and
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Values and viet #3 - Why is it that the people of a country...

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