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The film Hearts and Minds creates the idea that soldiers who fought for the United States were trained to kill and not to question who they were killing or why. Many of the men shown in the clip we watched speak of the way they just wanted to kill the enemy. One man stated that he didn’t care about the politics or reason behind it- he merely wanted to hit the enemy The general attitude towards the Vietnamese seemed to be one regarding their soldiers merely as targets that had to be hit. One scene showed a soldier being interviewed. When asked if the war was worth it the soldier stated that it must be
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Unformatted text preview: because they say were fighting for something. However he also admitted that he was unsure as to what that something was. In addition beforehand he had been talking about how he couldnt wait to go home- that he was in the worst situation in Vietnam hed been in so far. 1. A good sincere man. Who is simple and works hard for his family. 2. A girl who is a bit out there, who is not committed to any one man, not too smart 3. Someone old and shy To name is to create a program of action K. Burke because names create a whole set of implications....
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