Vietnam Paper outline

Vietnam Paper outline - Vietnam Paper Idea of whose fault...

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Vietnam Paper Idea of whose fault it is that we lost the war, as portrayed in films o Authority figures turned soldiers into robots “this is war” song and connotations that go with it, soldiers are still people but viewed differently Murdock- corruption is what causes the problems, don’t truly care about what happens to Am people, so long as we’re okay ? The Deer Hunter- portrayal of Green Beret & of soldiers afterwards (differences b/t them) Dear America- don’t know what we’re fighting for Shot young soldier- “don’t know- they say”, then shoot shot also appears in Hearts & Minds- look at that?? Idea that our men are expendable- it’s the poor who go. They don’t really matter Platoon o Cultural movements going on at the time- reflect that idea Music Rallies, riots 4 students shot for example (kent st?) OR Idea of collective memory and the viet war Yes, the war was protested Today the war is viewed as not having been good a total mistake o Reasons? Collective memory The generation that’s leading our country now Those against something= disrest Difference b/t WWII films and viet war films Ppl protested WWII, but b/c of way history is shaped, b/c we won, b/c movies portray it as being good, b/c it brought country together= good while the opposite is true of viet o Homecoming kiss v viet homecominga—child w/father- shudder It was the war of this generation 1. Vietnam war= fight w/in ourselves a. w/in soldier i. boy to man 1. born on the fourth of july a. idea in family values b. need to prove himself 2. full metal jacket
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a. men seem young @ beginning
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Vietnam Paper outline - Vietnam Paper Idea of whose fault...

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