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Elizabeth Spartas Analysis 5P 97 10-7-08 Although Rose has rejected Patrick stating that she never loved him and that it was a mistake she finds herself drawn to him yet again as she secretly watches him while he is in the library. In this scene one can be sure that, in part, the voice of the author allows Rose’s personality to be shown in full light, as it might not have been otherwise. This paragraph (like the rest of the story) uses a great deal of pronouns to start the sentences. The author uses these to both describe what the characters are doing, but also the thoughts that are going through Rose’s head. The reader is able to tell when it transitions to what Rose is thinking, although the instances are not specifically designated. As Rose thinks of Patrick she seems to evaluating how he has acted. She lists all of the things he did not do after they broke up- “He had not tried to rouse her pity, he had not bullied her, he had not molested her with pitiful telephone calls and letters” (97). The statement
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