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Spartas 1 Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Capsicum annum and Buckwheat Introduction The presence of several nutrients has an important effect on plant growth. In fact, plants growing in soil deficient in a certain nutrient often experience several problems growing healthily. (Chrispeels 1977) For this reason, fertilizers that provide certain nutrients are essential in order to be successful in farming (or even for general gardening). Nitrogen is one such nutrient that must be present in order for successful growth to take place. This is because plants use nitrogen to make enzymes and seed proteins—two things essential for growth and important to the human diet as well. (Chrispeels 1977) Nitrogen fertilizer is especially important because a great deal of the nitrogen available to plants is in the form of a triple bond, which is difficult to break down. Many fertilizers make the process of obtaining and breaking down nitrogen much easier. Another important nutrient is phosphorus, which is used in several different parts of the plant and also functions during photosynthesis. (Gliessman) The use of fertilizer to supplement both nutrients is important, as when the nutrients are readily available to the plant in great quantities growth and crop yield increases. Based on past student papers and general knowledge I expect to find that the higher the level of fertilizer, the greater the plant growth. The student papers I looked at supported the idea that fertilizer contributes to plant growth. Also, several readings regarding the agricultural revolution as well as in class discussions supported this assumption—the reason there is such widespread use of fertilizers today is because of the significant affect they have on plant growth. In addition, one past student paper leads me
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Spartas 2 to believe that when two nutrients (in this case nitrogen and phosphorus) are present that one nutrient will not hinder the plant’s ability to use the other nutrient. Therefore I believe that we will find that high levels of both nitrogen and phosphorus will be provoke the greatest plant growth, while plants not receiving any fertilizer will experience the smallest amount of growth. This project aims to establish the relationship of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers with plant growth. We are curious as to the affect different levels of fertilizer will have on plant growth. In addition, we are exploring the relationship between different levels of the two nutrients and seeing if a certain combination of levels of the two nutrients (high nitrogen and low phosphorus or low nitrogen and high phosphorus for example) might be most beneficial. Methods
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Project - Spartas 1 Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen...

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