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Belonging - The best way to describe the feeling is maybe...

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Elizabeth Spartas Belonging When I had to think of a time that I felt I did not belong it was difficult. Not to say that I have never felt out of place (that is far from the truth), but that somehow it is difficult to pinpoint those times. One can only suppose that the reason these times are so difficult to pull up is because each instance seems to disappear; maybe that and the incredible luck I had to have a strong group of friends the majority of my childhood. During my early years of elementary school the play atmosphere was fairly inclusive; although there were different groups of children who would regularly play together the atmosphere was a lot less clique-ish than it would become. As this change began to occur(around third grade) I found myself at a loss, it was not that I did not have friends—I had a group of friends that I could easily be part of, I could go through the motions. However, there wasn’t a sense of true belonging.
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Unformatted text preview: The best way to describe the feeling is maybe that feeling of ‘would it be any different if I was not here?’ I suppose that it is the sense of not being needed and not feeling I needed the people I was with, aside from needing friends. I do not know that this feeling had a profound effect on me. I cannot be sure that I fully understood the feelings I was having, but I came to understand them later. As it happened, I made friends with a girl who was new to the school. We became best friends and from that a very solid friendship and group of friends formed. I suppose that I did not know what it was that I was missing until I found it. The most assuring feeling is that of the knowledge that you are where you belong. Maybe I could have molded myself to fit somewhere before, but that is not the same as true belonging. True belonging allows fitting in, just as you are....
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