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Spartas 1 Lessons For All Time The Bible serves as an important source of authority for Christians. Within the Old and New Testaments many lessons, examples, and instructions can be found; the two are easily linked together to illustrate the timeless nature of God and His plan. One example of an important and often referred to piece of the Bible is the Sermon on the Mount, as described in Matthew 5-7. Although the entire Sermon on the Mount is important Matthew 5:1-12 contain a key message regarding how one should act that people use today when considering the present and future of Christianity, while tying back to messages of the past, as demonstrated by the Old Testament. The Sermon on the Mount contains lessons that are still applicable and important today. Within the book, The Mighty Acts of God , the author reminds that the Sermon on the Mount is not a set of rules, but rather a set of “general principles.” (273) It presents several qualities that persons who are “blessed” possess. The idea that a person should take on these positive traits is presented, as when one takes on these qualities he or she is able to fully live in service of God and to gain the benefits one might gain
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