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Essay1--ESpartas - Elizabeth Spartas A Just and All-knowing...

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Elizabeth Spartas A Just and All-knowing God God and His people have a distinct relationship. We can see two important components of this relationship within Daniel 13 as a young woman falsely accused of adultery is saved while her offenders receive the punishment that is deserved. Two major themes within this story that deal with the relationship between God and His people which are present throughout the rest of the Old Testament are that of the just nature of God and the way God is omnipotent. When Susannah calls to the Lord, “'Eternal God, you know all secrets and everything before it happens; you know that they have given false evidence against me’” as she faces her terrible fate she brings to light the omnipotent nature of God.(Dan 13:43) Within Psalm 69 we find the line, “God, you know how foolish I have been, my offences are not hidden from you.” (Ps 69:5) Within this line the all-knowing nature of God is recognized. It shows that mankind realizes that God is aware of everything that occurs. This Psalm presents the idea that it is not possible to hide our faults from Him.
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