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The thought of teaching a class of high school students who were English language learners was somewhat frightening. I was unsure of what to expect, and worried that what I was teaching would not be engaging or interesting enough to keep the students’ attention. Give me second graders, no problem; but high schoolers, oh man! Prepositions seemed like an easy enough subject to teach to the students. It is something that I needed a lot of practice with when learning Spanish, so I was hoping that the extra practice would be appreciated. In addition, prepositions are something that can be taught using words, pictures, and even tangible items, so there was a lot of potential there. In the end, I decided to do a mini lesson on preposition (as the teacher had said the students were working on them in class) and then move on to play “the flyswatter game” with the students. It turns out that the most stressful part of teaching the lesson was getting to the school (though even that was low stress). The mini lesson went well—the students had worked on
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ELL_Teaching_Reflection_ESpartas - The thought of teaching...

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