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ESpartas Teaching Philosophy PE

ESpartas Teaching Philosophy PE - Elizabeth Spartas...

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Elizabeth Spartas Teaching Philosophy Physical education is a component of elementary school that often gets overlooked in light of the other academic areas that are deemed more important. However, it is crucial that educators recognize that physical education serves to teach children life skills. I believe that physical education classes should not be geared at who is ‘best’ at the different activities, but at giving children lifelong skills that they can use throughout their lives. Within an elementary physical education class I believe that the most important thing is that students are able to enjoy themselves! There are a few things that need to happen before this takes place though. First, children need a clear set of rules and expectations. It is important that students know the rules and follow them, as they are there to ensure the safety of all those participating. In my class students would receive a warning, but after that they would need to sit out for a few minutes.
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