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Notes for Teaching

Notes for Teaching - o Fish craft boat • Books o Lesson...

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Notes for Teaching Calendar—what day it is (ex—talk like a pirate day) Question of the day Point system for tables/rows that are doing their work Homework stars (kids that complete all of their homework for the week/month/etc) Compliments in the hall-- one marble for every compliment—when they fill up the jar they get a pizza/popcorn party Bathroom system—whole group goes??? Crafts use to help illustrate point and are fun
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Unformatted text preview: o Fish craft, boat, • Books o Lesson plans can often be found online that go with certain books • Label items in Spanish and English • In the morning have kids work on journal/math/reading o Go around during this time & ask each of the kids if they have anything that they want to tell you • Math o Do an exaple problem, then have them complete the rest—then go over it again • sdf...
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