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Unformatted text preview: 11-12-2009 Self-Restraint Elizabeth SpartasWithin John Calvins Golden Booklet of the True Christian Lifethere exists a focus on self-denial. It has been argued that the emphasis on self-control that Calvin advocates does not allow one to live an enjoyable life. However, when one reviews The Golden Bookletit is clear that if one follows those instructions allotted within the book, life will surely be most enjoyable. Although on the surface it appears that the life Calvin advocates could not be enjoyable, The Golden Bookletsupports that through self-denial one is able to live a life that is truly fulfilling as they are able to live in humble of obedience of the Lord and in doing so have a great deal more to gain from life.One can enhance their life by living in self-denial. To many this concept seems backwards. It appears that my denying oneself of those things one desires there is no way to truly enjoy life. Calvin states only if we walk in the beauty of Gods law do we become sure of our adoption as children of the Father.(15) He goes on to explain that one must be fully obedient to Christ in order to truly be holythat seeking Gods glory means self-denial.(27) Moreover, he Christ in order to truly be holythat seeking Gods glory means self-denial....
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Calvin-ESpartas1-essay3 - 11-12-2009 Self-Restraint...

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