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Elizabeth Spartas Deep River Essay 9/17/09 Within Shusaku Endo’s book Deep River a character called Otsu presents the idea that “evil lurks within good, and that good things can lie hidden within evil as well.” (65) Throughout the book the different thoughts, memories, and actions of the characters support this claim in several instances. Mitsuko and Otsu prove the characters that lend themselves best to this, however other characters support this view as well. The interaction between Otsu and Mitsuko proves key in supporting the claim that evil lies in good and that good lies within evil. Otsu is a character often seen through the harsh eyes of Mitsuko. Through this view he, while seeming pure of heart, is a pathetic oaf. Through the course of Deep River the reader follows Otsu through his journey of religious exploration and witnesses the barriers that he encounters. The innocent nature of his character makes him appear to be a mostly good man who, on occasion, gets caught up in actions that might seem evil. For instance, the relationship he had with Mitsuko during
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