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Elizabeth Spartas Journal 2 Thayer B13 10-26-2009 Each of us goes through experiences that we find unenjoyable—things that we wish we did not have to go through. Often times such events can have an affect on one’s worldview and can even cause a shift in the way that one perceives him or herself, others, and ultimate reality. For me, one such experience was that of attending Willamette University last year and deciding to (and following through with) transfer to Whitworth this fall. When I headed off to college last fall I never expected that I would end up transferring. It seemed like an exciting new experience—surely I would love it there. However, as the year went on I found that Willamette was not the place for me. Though the school offered excellent academics, it just wasn’t quite the right fit. For the first time ever I found that my morals and values were not in the majority. Due to this difference I had to really consider what it was that I believed and what it was that I wanted. For the
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