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Elizabeth Spartas FR2 Whisenand 11-19-2010 is a film that follows two men engaged in moral dilemma. Throughout the film the question of morality arises—what is wrong and what is right. One questions the consequences of actions taken and whether ‘justice’ is ever reached. The actions and consequences of Judah and Cliff are thought provoking, as they cause one to consider what being moral really means and whether it is worth it. The two main characters are engaged in moral dilemmas, both involving adultery. Judah deals with the consequences of an affair he started in the past. As his mistress, Dolores, appears more and more desperate for his affection, insisting he follow through with promises to leave his wife for her that he insists he never made, he takes drastic measures to get rid of Dolores. At first, arranging her murder weighs on his conscious, causing him to turn to once rejected beliefs that God is watching his every move—that judgment and punishment awaits him, in the end he finds that his life goes on as normal. It is as if his mistress, Dolores, never existed.
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