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metaphysics- espartas

metaphysics- espartas - Elizabeth Spartas Personal...

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Elizabeth Spartas Personal Reflection 1 9-20-2010 Over the years several different thinkers have offered explanations to the idea of ‘what is real?’ More than that, the question is ‘what is really real?’ When considering this thought one can turn to two of the most influential thinkers of the time: Plato & Aristotle. While both men had different ideas about metaphysics, it is interesting to consider their thoughts. As we take these ideas into account let us consider both an item (ours will be a flower) and a concept (beauty). Plato believed that there were two worlds—the changing world and the unchanging world. The changing world (which consists of the world as we know it) is, in fact, a shadow that is the essence of the unchanging world. The unchanging world is made up of Forms, everlasting ideas that never change, which lie behind the changing world. Therefore the two worlds are not independent of one another. For instance, consider the flower. In the changing world there are many different types of flowers—different colors, sizes, designs.
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