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pre3 - Elizabeth Spartas 17 November 2010 Descartes...

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Elizabeth Spartas 17 November, 2010 Descartes certainly had a lasting influence on the world. His legacy followed him. With Descartes came a new age—he is called the “Father of Modern Philosophy.” He created great change in the way that we think—many of his ideas left a lasting affect. Descartes created a system that revolved around doubt. Within this system he searches for the undoubtable. In the end, he discovered that he could not doubt that he existed (Cogito ergo sum), that this proved God, and that this meant that one’s senses (something given to us by God) could be trusted. He changed the way we look at the world. Two of the lasting effects of Descartes that might be considered influential in today’s world are that of epiphenomenalism and the search for truths that can be known by undifferentiated individuals. The concept of epiphenomenalism creates the idea that two different processes that might seem separate, work together. With the mind and body the original thought was that the two existed as two completely separate items.
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