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RR1-espartas - Elizabeth Spartas Core 250-02 RR1 Within...

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Elizabeth Spartas Core 250-02 9/13/2010 RR1 Within Republic: Book VII the scenario of a prisoner’s journey out of his holding place (in this case a cave). The stages the prisoner goes through as he emerges from the cave represent the different stages that one must go through as they strive to reach (and eventually do reach) enlightenment. These are ideas seem simple at first, but show themselves to be truly complex. The metaphor of the prisoner in the cave is an interesting one. It presents the idea that people are confined. Looking at this through the eyes of the metaphor we see the prisoner in a cave. This prisoner watches shadows and does not think anything of it. However, eventually the prisoner is able to free himself and discovers that there is more to things than they had originally thought. He has been watching the shadows, believing that they are reality; however as he is freed he discovers that this is not the case. At each stage the prisoner gets closer to discovering the truth—to knowing what is reality.
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