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RR4 espartas

RR4 espartas - Elizabeth Spartas RR4 Within his piece of...

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Elizabeth Spartas RR4 10-4-2010 Within his piece of writing entitled City of God Augustine of Hippo touches on several ideas on relation to God, good, evil, and man. These ideas are highly complicated, yet simple at the same time. They present an intriguing view of the world and make one think about the nature of things. The start of the reading presents the idea that as human beings we recognize our own trinity— that of being, knowledge, and love. All three of these things affirm one another and therefore affirm our existence. This, in turn, affirms God. In the next parts of the writing we see that beings can be divided into those who are good and those who are bad—that this concept applies to both man and angels. It also becomes clear that angels who do not “adhere to God” are suffering a “perversion of nature;” therefore, they are harmful to the environment and a defect on God’s perfect creation. Furthermore, we see that those who go against nature in sin can be considered the enemies of God, despite the fact that they damage only themselves.
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