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RR6 Espartas

RR6 Espartas - Elizabeth Spartas RR6 Within his Penses...

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Elizabeth Spartas RR6 10-27-2010 Within his Pensées, Blaise Pascal presents thoughts supporting Christian theology. Within this piece he presents the idea that religion and reason can exist together although they appear to contradict each other at times. He presents the idea that God uses reason to put religion into one’s mind, while He uses grace to put religion into the heart. One key idea that Pascal brings up is that of the two opposing ideas: that God either does exist or He does not. He also states that it is both incomprehensible and comprehensible that God might exist. He goes on to detail the thought that via reason neither of those thoughts can be defended. Therefore, the proposition has infinite possibilities. What one must really consider is what one serves to gain from taking the side that supports religion. Pascal asserts that there can come no harm from choosing to believe. The attitudes and actions of those who believe are nothing but positive items. By believing one does not encounter negative effects. Pascal speaks
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