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Reading Response 11—The Souls of Black Folks Elizabeth Spartas Whisenand 6 December 2010 Within his work The Souls of Black Folks W.E.B. Du Bois has compiled several essays that relate to the politics, sociology, and history of the African American population. During the first chapter of this piece he presents a picture of the problem that is being faced by this group. The piece is polite and well-written; it makes one truly consider the complex nature of so many of the problems that America faces today and the way that we deal with those problems. The key to the first chapter of The Souls of Black Folks is that there is a problem that has never fully been addressed. Du Bois discusses the “color line,” a division that exists between African Americans and the remainder of American society (especially white people). He says that although nobody would ever say it, he knows that as an African American he is considered a problem in society. Not only that, but people choose to ignore it. Historically, African
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