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SRR Descartes espartas

SRR Descartes espartas - Elizabeth Spartas SRR2 Within...

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Elizabeth Spartas SRR2 10-20-2010 Within Russell Shorto’s book Descartes’ Bones the philosophy of Rene Descartes is presented through the story of the translation of Descartes’ bones that occurred over a number of years in Europe and the eventual cultural force that he became. Within the reading the ideas of Descartes, which were highly revolutionary for the time, are discussed. At the start of the reading the concept of death is discussed. Death acts as something that causes people to act the way that they do and is key in the realm of religion. At the time nature was considered something that was the territory of “the Almighty,” for example the human body as a temple for the Holy Ghost. The ideas of Descartes and his followers presented a stress on reason—something that challenged the beliefs of the time. One place where his ideas presented problems was in terms of the Eucharist. Although he aimed for his philosophy to confirm the
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