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Elizabeth Spartas SRR 11-30-2010 Within The Brothers Karamazov Dostoevsky presents a view that views religion as a force that leads to suffering, which is a result of freedom. Within the reading the two brothers are discussing this issue. Ivan holds the view that religion leads to freedom and suffering, while Alyosha, a Christian priest, listens in shock. The excerpt presents a point of view different from those we have seen thus far. It poses interesting questions and causes one to think critically. One of the central questions posed by the reading is that of why Go would allow such suffering in the world. Children are the key subjects in Ivan’s discussion of this question. He questions how an innocent child might be “kicked for no reason” and offer prayers to God begging for help. Ivan ponders why it is that children should suffer for the crimes of their fathers, if only to ensure that someone else will have a harmonious future. He goes on to explain that he does not understand how it is that the world is organized. Eventually the discussion
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