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WorldView-ESpartas - Elizabeth Spartas Worldview Paper...

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Elizabeth Spartas Worldview Paper Thayer B13 12/14/2009 A “worldview” is a set of presuppositions or assumptions that one holds about the makeup of the world. It serves to shape one’s views in regard to how the world works. The environment one grows up in is very significant when it comes to shaping worldviews. In addition, one’s worldview also affects how one responds to the world, as well as their perception of it. One of the key questions when considering worldview is the nature of reality. I believe that there is one God who is transcendent and immanent. He loves each of us, as we are His children; all He wants is for us to return to Him in Heaven. Humans were created in the image of Him, but are fallen and imperfect. However, despite our imperfect nature I do not think that humanity is distinctly evil and corrupt. I believe that the world is imperfect, yet beautiful. Although the world is broken, humanity can work towards bettering it. We have the ability to improve the state of the world.
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