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WV1 - that always manages to get into my mouth smell the...

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Elizabeth Spartas Worldview 1 Core 250 9/10/2010 Things can get quite confusing when ne begins to question what is in fact ‘really real.’ However, there are always some items that one truly knows are real. The thing that I know most surely to be real is myself. I am really real. I do exist. It is something that I can truly say that I know to be true. Each of the four ways of knowing serves to reinforce this belief. I know through authority that I exist (not to say that I go from person to person asking if I am real)—the people surrounding me affirm my existence as they interact with me. Empiricism shows me that I am real as well, all of my senses serve to show that I exist. For one, I use these senses to see that the people surrounding me are truly there, but these senses also work the same way with my own being. Each of my senses only serves to confirm my presence. When I wash my face in the morning I see my reflection in the mirror, feel my face as rinse the soap away, taste the little bit of soap
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Unformatted text preview: that always manages to get into my mouth, smell the difference as my skin becomes clean. There is also an innate knowledge that I exist. Each and every person knows that they exist. It is just a fact. We all exist. We are all real. We all know of our own existence. The most difficult way of knowing that I do indeed exist is that of intuition. Perhaps this is because intuition is not something that one can easily explain. I just know that I am real. It’s not something that one can question—it is just true. I don’t have to think about it—“Are you real?” “Yes.” No question in the matter. What it comes down to is that a combination on authority, empiricism, innatism, and intuition all lead me to the conclusion that I am really real. The fact that I am sitting here, writing this response only serves to affirm this conclusion. The fact that you are reading this response confirms it further. I am real: fact....
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