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Although my worldview has gone through a significant changes over the past year, I feel that I have reached the point where I have developed a solid foundation. Today, I believe that there is a God, as described by the Bible and that Jesus Christ serves as my personal Lord and Saviour. I know this to be true. One important factor in learning this is the Bible; the stories it holds help to teach me about life and how everything came to be. Another highly important factor in knowing this is that of intuition. Somehow I just know that it is true. No matter the amount that one reads the Bible and studies other resources one cannot truly know and have a relationship with God based solely on this. As Pascal said, “A knowledge of God is very far from the love of him.” I believe that God is here, watching over us—He truly cares for and loves each of us. I also believe that it is our duty to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We must try to do our best to carry His message to all and to live by it. By doing this we are able to honor the
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