Outline - success and failure oriented c Focus issues i...

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Outline: Child Case Study Title: Focusing In: A Child Case Study A. Background on child a. Harry (name changed), age 8, 2 nd grade i. Seems bright ii. Introduce trouble focusing B. Describe activities that the child was observed doing To be used in analysis later b. Enter classroom c. Reading d. Bathroom trip e. C. a. Piaget i. Preoperational stage Math ii. Vygotsky Child performs well with help a. At times needs a reminder or a prompt iii. Language Seems up to par—mention several different areas of language proficient on all of these. No apparent differences from his peers iv. Summary Appears up to par with peers Has a good learning environment supportive D. Personal, social, emotional a. General observations i. Interaction with peers Lack of knowledge of social norms Concerned with other children (issues unrelated to him) b. Erik Erikson i. 8 stages In the appropriate classification according to age (school—
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Unformatted text preview: success and failure oriented) c. Focus issues i. Desk single vs table of 4 Hinder social development?? d. Kohlberg i. Switches b/t different levels (1 & 2) At times regresses? NOTE: Gilligan’s stages did not seem relevant for his age or situation e. Review: Not at same level as peers i. Making progress though E. Motivation a. Extrinsic= key i. Earning stars, praise b. Again—focusing= issue i. Wants to please, but at times has trouble focusing on task at hand c. Maslow i. In stage to strive for belonging and self esteem Clearly wants to belong a. Imitates behavior of other children (“cool” kids) d. Teacher interaction i. Recognizes difficulty he has ii. But at times can be a bit short iii. Weekly evaluations F. Conclusion a. Bright, but lacking focus. b. I believe he will progress in the future i. Just a bit behind...
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Outline - success and failure oriented c Focus issues i...

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