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Vision - The Path Suddenly it just clicked It was so...

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The Path Suddenly it just clicked. It was so obvious—so ridiculous I had not realized it earlier. The task that I should spend the rest of my life on was teaching elementary school. I have always loved children; however, that is not reason enough to become a teacher. You need to have vision. I believe that I have found that vision. The number of ways that I can support and aid the children I shall teach seem infinite and worth every minute, good or bad, of it. I feel that by becoming an elementary school teacher I will be given the opportunity to enhance my life as I work my hardest to make a lasting, positive impact on my students to, in turn, enhance their lives. Teaching is so much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. By teaching I will have the opportunity to not only to teach basic knowledge, but to influence many different areas as well. One of the reasons that I love Whitworth is that it strives to provide an education of the mind and heart—students here are taught that it is about more than just learning the stuff that will be on the test so that they might earn an ‘A’ in the course.
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