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Terms- deafness - Terms Acquired: a disability or condition...

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Terms Acquired: a disability or condition that develops at any time after birth, from disease, trauma, or any other cause American Sign Language (ASL): A visual-gestural language with its own rules of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics; does not correspond to written or spoken English. Audiogram: A graph of the faintest level of sound a person can hear in each ear at least 50% of the time at each of the several frequencies, including the entire frequency range of normal speech Audiometer: A device that generates sounds at specific frequencies and intensities; used to examine hearing Audiometric zero: The smallest sound a person with normal hearing can perceive; also called the zero hearing-threshold level (HTL) Audition: The act or sense of hearing Auditory canal (external acoustic meatus): The part of the ear that slightly amplifies and transports sound waves from the external ear to the middle ear Auricle: External part of the ear; collects sound waves into the auditory canal Behavior observation audiomentary: A method of hearing assessment in which an infant’s reactions to sounds are observed; a sound is presented at an increasing level of intensity until a response, such as head turning, eye blinking, or cessation of play, is reliably observed Bilingual-bicultural (bi-bi) approach: An approach to teaching students who are deaf in which Amercan Sign Language(ASL) is used as the child’s native language and English is taught as a second language; also stresses teaching Deaf culture Cochlea: Main receptor organ for hearing located in the inner ear; tiny hairs within the cochlea transform mechanical energy into neural impulses that then travel through the auditory nerve to the brain Cochlear implant: A surgically implanted device that converts sound from the environment into electric impulses that are sent to the brain via the auditory nerve. Enables some people who are deaf to achieve a useful auditory understanding of
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Terms- deafness - Terms Acquired: a disability or condition...

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