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Elizabeth Spartas Forms/Genres Grade 4 March 15, 2011 1. Lesson Outcome: Students will work cooperatively to identify different the genres of: fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, nonfiction, poetry & plays2 2. Group Size: Students will work in groups of four that are predetermined by the teacher. 3. Room arrangement: Students will work at desks that are grouped in four throughout the room (fits classroom seating design) 4. Individual Roles: Students will work together in the jigsaw format to create a poster detailing the important facts about their assigned form/genre (randomly drawn by the teacher). Students will discuss together what they think are the most important things to know about the form/genre and come up with an example together. In addition, one group member will take on: a. Materials Manager: Get materials at the start of the activity Monitor materials Put materials away b. Task Master: Be sure that everyone is doing their job Keep conversation/work going
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CooperativeLearningESpartas - Elizabeth Spartas...

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