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Unit Title: Flat Stanley Subject/topic area: Language Arts Key Words: Link to Content Standards: Writing: 2.1.1 Understands that writing changes for different audiences 2.3.1 Uses a variety of forms/genres Social Studies: 3.1.1 Understands and applies basic mapping elements such as symbols, compass rose, labels, and a key to read and construct maps that display information about neighborhoods or local communities. 3.1.2 Understands the physical characteristics of places in the community. Brief Summary of the Unit: n Flat Stanley n Create own “Flat _______name________” n Write a letter telling about Flat _________ n Make a map of neighborhood/town to show what place Flat ____ lives in is like n The end project will be a letter that students will send out that includes a Flat ____ who they made, and send out the letter that they wrote. Later they will be able to follow the journey that their character took.
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Unformatted text preview: What Enduring Understandings are desired? We write letters to tell other people information about ourselves. Maps are used to display information about location. What essential questions will guide this unit and focus teaching and learning? What are the different parts of a letter? What key knowledge and skills will students acquire? Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate understanding? What student products/performances will provide evidence of desired understanding? By what criteria will student products/performances be evaluated? Description of learners: Day EALRs Materials Concept/Topic Activities Evaluation 1 • Pre-assessment • Pre-Assessment • Introduction to Unit • • Pre-assessment • Begin reading Flat Stanley • • Pre-assessment 2 3 • • 4 • • •...
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FlatStanleyUnitPlan - What Enduring Understandings are...

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