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intro letter - Dear Mrs Overbay I cannot tell you how...

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Dear Mrs. Overbay, I cannot tell you how excited I am for opportunity to work with you! Your willingness to welcome me into your classroom is greatly appreciated. This is my junior year at Whitworth and I am thrilled to truly experience the classroom. My freshman year of college I realized that being an elementary school teacher was my calling. I absolutely love children—I believe that they are amazing individuals who have a great deal to teach us. I hope that through teaching I can have a positive impact on my students. In order to ensure that this experience is beneficial, and in hopes that you can avoid spending unnecessary time preparing for me, I have compiled some goals for my time with you. I am sure that I will learn a number of things from this experience, and I hope to be a positive addition to your classroom! There are some points that I am especially interested in observing in the classroom. The first is that of general teaching style. I am also very interested in classroom management and
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