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Lesson Reflection - depth. 3. This was a good lesson...

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Elizabeth Spartas Teaching a Lesson Playing Ten Turns—Grade 1 1. Students appeared to be interested in the lesson. I think that presenting a mathematics concept in the form of a game is a great way to engage kids in the topic. Students seemed excited about learning a new game—they wanted to try out playing the game with their peers. 2. I believe that we made a good start at achieving the objective, however I think that students need a bit more practice at recognizing that there are ways to group objects in a way that lets them count them more efficiently. There was one student who needed a lot more practice; this student is behind in math and would greatly benefit from individual attention working on math concepts every day. There were several students who mastered the games, but for students who had trouble I would work with the students as a group to play the game together and really discuss the strategies for playing the game in
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Unformatted text preview: depth. 3. This was a good lesson because it took a concept that students have been working on and applied it to a new game. This is a great way to catch students’ attention and to help them get extra practice at a specific skill. 4. Next time I would try to include an element of more individual practice prior to playing the game. I feel that students would benefit from really practicing applying the concepts on their own. In addition, it would allow me the chance to see how it is that students are problem solving in a form different than that of the game. The good thing about this game is that it is fairly easy to adapt. For students needing a greater challenge, more dice or larger numbers can be used. For students needing extra practice can use a number cube with lower numbers, ten frames, or play for lower numbers....
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Lesson Reflection - depth. 3. This was a good lesson...

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