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Elizabeth Spartas, LTEA Student Interview-- Dom—Second Grade Boy 1. Math is: about challenges and papers that are challenging. It can be both easy and hard. 2. Math topics include: fractions, adding, subtracting… 3. You learn math: so that you can get smart and know how to do stuff and win fun stuff. 4. Is there more than one way to solve math problems? Yes, in you head, tallies, counting on your fingers. 5. Someone who is good at math: Cade is good at math. People who are good at math can do hard math problems quickly. 6. Can everybody do well in math if they try? Yes 7. Is math something useful to know? Yes, smart kids and not smart kids can learn how and if you can do all of the problems with different methods you can get the right answer. 8. Do you think you’re good at math? No, maybe a little bit. I have to erase the wrong answer a lot and keep trying until I get the right answer. 9. How is math best learned? By doing what works best for you. 10. What is your favorite strategy? Tallies 11. What is your favorite subject in school? Science Lesson 1 1. Knowledge of target: When first asked what the learning target was the student was confused. After stating it and talking about how that was our goal for what we were working on in math that day the student was able to state what the learning target was. (“I can add and subtract two digit numbers and explain how I did it.”)
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LTEA_ESpartas - Elizabeth Spartas, LTEA Student Interview-...

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