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SensoryImages-PoetryUnitPlan - Activities Evaluation 1...

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Unit Title: Subject/topic area: Language Arts Key Words: Link to Content Standards: Writing: 2.3.1 Uses a variety of forms/genres Reading: Brief Summary of the Unit: What Enduring Understandings are desired? Sensory imagery can be used in poetry Poetry is a different genre of writing What essential questions will guide this unit and focus teaching and learning? What is sensory imaging? How can we use sensory imaging to write poetry? What key knowledge and skills will students acquire? Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate understanding? What student products/performances will provide evidence of desired understanding? By what criteria will student products/performances be evaluated? Description of learners:
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Day EALRs Materials Concept/Topic
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Unformatted text preview: Activities Evaluation 1 Pre-assessment Pre-Assessment Introduction to Unit Pre-assessment Sensory Imaging listening activity Pre-assessment 2 Direct Instruction What are sensory images? Can we identify them in poetry? Mini lesson on sensory images Read a poem, have children identify the sensory images Create your ow sensory images worksheet 3 Inquiry Scissors Magazine pictures Glue Construction paper Students will create sensory images based on 4 Cooperative Learning Paper Coloring materials Roundtable: Sensory images in poetrytal Listen to poems & draw what it is that you think of Share these thoughts with the class...
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SensoryImages-PoetryUnitPlan - Activities Evaluation 1...

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