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Elizabeth Spartas My Vision for Teaching Through teaching I have the opportunity to enhance my life as I work my hardest to make a lasting, positive impact on students to enhance theirs. I will impart knowledge, as well as influence different areas. I strive for my students to gain an education that helps them grow as individuals. My teaching style will convey the knowledge I teach, as well as the need to be constantly exploring, because learning continues throughout one’s lifetime—even for teachers! Also, I hope to demonstrate that balance in life is key. I will establish relationships throughout the school and greater community to display the importance of working with others. By analyzing situations, actively planning, and evaluating, it will be apparent that I teach with a sense of purpose. It is crucial that I lead children on the path to being their best—my actions shall be
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Unformatted text preview: intentional, that my students might gain the most from their experience. Finally, I hope to work to serve every one of my students, despite their many different backgrounds, abilities, and characteristics. I shall act as their advocate—caring for them and being a source of support and encouragement. I hope with all my heart that I might be the best teacher I can be to help my students realize their potential. My mission as a teacher is to provide a balanced education. I hope to present the importance of learning as a never-ending process and as something that occurs outside the classroom, too. My greatest wish is that children leave my classroom with a love of learning, fascination of the world, mindset that they can be their best, and knowledge that they are not alone. I hope to set them on the path to be their best, as I know they shall put me on mine....
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