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Sad, but true—children from backgrounds of poverty have been found to score lower than those children from higher income backgrounds in terms of academic achievement. One area where this is especially true is that of reading. It has been found that there is a very strong link between reading achievement and poverty, with one study reporting that students from low- income families tend to score about 60% lower than children of higher income families. However, one must consider why it is that this trend occurs. Within Alpana Bhattacharya Children and Adolescents from Povery and Reading Development: A Researc Review two possible explanations for lower reading achievement in low-income families is presented. The first places responsibility for academic struggles on the children and their families, while the second focuses on literacy experiences outside of school. THESIS!!!!!!!!!!! The home environment is sure to have a profound effect on the schooling experience that a child has. Within Bhattacharya’s discussion home environment was set to include family income, educational resources, and parental involvement. It is noted that many researchers agree that there exists a strong relationship between home environment and academic achievement. This is attributed to “age-appropriate, cognitively stimulating home environments” that parents
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ResearchPaper_ESpartas_Reading - Sad, but truechildren from...

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